What is Biodegradable Plastic? Learn Importance, Properties & How made

Biodegradable Plastic: Friends As you all know Plastic is one of the most used materials by humans, But one thing that makes them dangerous for us is Pollution. Because It is very long-lasting and also can’t be destroyed easily.

When We burn plastic, it makes air pollution. When we throw it anywhere it causes soil and water pollution. So that’s why I am going to Stop using Plastic. But is it really possible? of course Not easy for us.

And impossible when we talk about stopping the industrial use of Plastics. Because our Gadgets, Cars, Home appliances, etc. are widely using plastics parts.

So, To reduce environmental pollution by ‘use and throw non-degradable plastics’, Scientists and many plastic industries introduced a new type of plastic called Biodegradable Plastics. In this article, I am going to explain everything about Biodegradable Plastics.

What is Biodegradable Plastic? 

Biodegradable plastics are those types of plastics that can be naturally decomposed by microbes, carbon dioxide, and biomass. Such plastic products disintegrate shortly after exposure to the microorganism present in the environment.

This type of plastic is biologically destroyed and converted into water, carbon dioxide, and minerals. It means Biodegradable plastics are environment friendly.

Why is biodegradable plastic so important?

Biodegradable plastic is very important to prevent increasing plastic pollution in our environment and to stop the use of non-degradable plastics.

One thing to understand here is that Bio-degradation is a natural process, in which there is no environmental pollution happens. While artificially destroying plastics, they release a large number of toxic residues. Which are very harmful to the environment.

Difference Between Biodegradable Plastic and Normal Plastic 

Normal Plastics Biodegradable Plastics
It is Purely made by Petro Chemicals i.e Crude Oil It is also made from Petroleum but it contains many additives that help in the natural degradation process.
Normal Plastics is recyclable. Biodegradable plastics are not recyclable.
It is non-renewable. because is a by-product of fossil fuels. It is renewable.
Normal Plastic causes environmental pollution. It is environmentally friendly.
It is Non-degradable. Biodegradable plastics decompose naturally.

Difference Between Biodegradable Plastics and BioPlastics –

Generally, Bio-plastics have slightly similar nondegradable properties to Normal Plastics, while Biodegradable plastics are environment friendly and easy to breakdown by natural micro-organism just in few days.

Bioplastics Biodegradable Plastics
Bioplastics are made from organic materials such as corn starch, and often made up of polylactic acid (PLA) Petroleum-based Biodegradable plastics contain many additives that help them in the natural degradation process.
It looks like any ordinary plastic like PP, PET, etc. It does not look like normal plastic, i.e feels soft.
Bioplastics degrade in a certain controlled environment. Biodegradable plastics decompose naturally.

This is a little confusing but now clear that they are not the same in their degradable properties.

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs)Examples of Bio-Degradable Plastics 

  • Polylactic acid (PLA)
  • Starch blends
  • Cellulose-based plastics
  • Lignin-based polymer composites
  • Polyglycolic acid (PGA)
  • Polybutylene succinate (PBS)
  • Polycaprolactone (PCL)
  • Polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT)
  • Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA, PVOH) etc.


Is biodegradable plastic good?

These types of plastics are environment friendly and easily decomposable. So it is good.

What types of plastic is biodegradable?

Plastics that are made by adding some additives to help micro-organism in the degradation process.

How long does it take for biodegradable plastic to decompose?

Natural Degradation can take two weeks to two years. It totally depends upon the properties of matterial.

Why is biodegradable plastic so expensive?

Yes, it is expensive as compare to normal plastics.

Can you eat biodegradable plastic?

No, it harms your digestion system.

What is biodegradable plastic made of?

Biodegradable plastics are made from petrochemicals and also by natural materials.

Do You Know What is Plastic exactly?

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