Society of Plastic Engineering – My Small Plastic Engineering Career Experience

Society of Plastic Engineering with Plastic Industries Grown-up rapidly in last 20 to 30 Years of Time. Also, we can easily say that countries like India, UAE, Katar, etc.  Promoted Polymer Engineering studies and skill development very well.

I am saying that because I felt it in my life. How I can forget when completed my graduation, I joined the Central Institute of plastic engineering and technology Jaipur.

After completing my PG Diploma in plastic Testing & quality control from CIPET Jaipur, I joined many plastic industries and got experience in plastic engineering.

Most of our friends doing a good job in foreign countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Katar, etc. So I can say the Society of Plastic Engineering is good if it is your passion.

I want to add some points by which you can better Know How Things work in Plastic Industries –

Molding Operations –

Knowing the molding machine operations and Problem-solving skills are a must for a Plastic engineering Professional. Without it, You will get a lot of failure and downtime in Production.

Testing Operations –

Production with good quality products is very important. Society of Plastic Engineering works with the research and development team for a good customer experience. Every Industry Hire well-educated testing facility for test products at various standards. so that testing operation and its knowledge is a must for a plastic engineering professional.


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