Properties of Plastic Materials » 15+ Common Properties are explained

Hi, Guys! Today we are going to learn the Properties of Plastic materials.

You know what plastic is not a single material, it has thousands of types. And every type of plastic material has its own chemical structure, some different properties, and so on.

But these plastic materials also have some common properties, of course, due to which they belong to a family called plastics. So Let’s see what are some common properties of plastic materials –

Properties of Plastic Materials

These are the General Properties of Plastic materials –

1. Easy to Mould –

The plastics can be molded to the desired shape because their name suggests Plasticity. because of this property, we can process it easily by several Moulding techniques.

2. Lightweight –

The plastics are light in weight due to this property it became very useful. LDPE is one of the examples of Lightweight plastics used in packaging applications.

3. Toughness & Rigidity

Toughness is one of the most important of plastics because of which we are replacing metals and some costlier components with the help of plastic.

4. Mechanical Strength –

Automobile sectors widely using engineering and specialty plastics due to their good mechanical strength like metals. Tensile strength, compressive strength, etc. are part of mechanical strength in the case of plastics.

5. High Dielectric Strength –

Plastic’s high dielectric strength makes them suitable for electric installations. As you know we are using plastic for insulation because of this property. Electrical circuit boards are a great example of this property.

 6. Corrosion Resistant –

Because of this property they resist the action of chemicals. These days plastics became one of the great choices in chemically resistant applications in low-cost row material.

7. Weather Resistance –

Plastics resist the effect of natural outdoor conditions like rain, Sunlight, winter, etc. This Property makes most of the plastics anti-aging. So that it can be used in many outdoor applications.

8. Durability –

We use plastic products in daily life and found that they are sufficiently durable and sustain a good limit of mechanical actions.

9. Cost-Effective (Cheap) – 

This Property is very practical. We found very useful plastic products in the market at low prices. this one of the great reasons why plastic innovations and productivity increased very much in last hundred years.

10.  Less brittle –

Because of their less brittle properties, they can be equally made transparent and smooth as compared to Glasses. that’s why glasses are replaced by plastic materials.

11. Low Moisture Absorption –

Plastics possesses a property of a low moisture absorption. Because of this property plastics are used in medical, construction and liquied packaging applications.

12. Heat Resistance –

Plastics are bad conductor of heat that’s why many application we are preferring them as an insulator of heat. It can sustain a specific temperature, thermoset plastics mainly used in Heat Registance application.

I hope this article helps you in learning general properties of plastic. If you want say something you can write us below in comment box.

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