An Overview of Plastic Processing – types of Processing & Machines

In this article, we will know various types of processing machines used to make the wide range of plastic products in use throughout our lives. So you can understand how plastics processing works with the help of various machines & technology. Injection Molding Process – First of all, let’s talk about the Injection molding process … Read more

What is Plastic? Introduction, History, Classification and Uses of Plastics

Plastics became one of the necessary parts of human life. When we wake up in the morning, we start using products of plastics from our toothbrushes to sleeping mats. Plastic is one of the most versatile (malleable) materials in the world. As a result, it can be molded to any shaped products like pipe, bottle, … Read more

Society of Plastic Engineering – My Small Plastic Engineering Career Experience

Society of Plastic Engineering with Plastic Industries Grown-up rapidly in last 20 to 30 Years of Time. Also, we can easily say that countries like India, UAE, Katar, etc.  Promoted Polymer Engineering studies and skill development very well. I am saying that because I felt it in my life. How I can forget when completed … Read more

Plastic Processing – An Overview of Basic Concepts

Plastic is a unique material known for its superior performance and cost-effectiveness compared to other conventional materials. Applications of plastics in human life have increased over time. Not only this, over the years Plastics applications in various sectors are continuously growing. For example – Automobile, Agriculture, Aerospace, Construction, Infrastructure, Telecommunication, Medical, Packaging, etc. So with … Read more

Recycling of Plastic Methodology – What is Plastic Recycling?

Plastic Recycling is the process by which plastics waste converted into the reusable plastic material. This process contains several steps and techniques depends upon the types of plastics waste. In This Article, I am going to explain the full theory of plastics recycling. Importance of Recycling of Plastic – As you all know Plastic Pollution … Read more

How are Plastics Made – Learn Step by Step Procedure of making It

We all use plastic items in daily life. But do you know how plastics are made? In this article, we will learn about the process of making plastic in industries – How are plastics made? If we talk theoretically, in easy terms, plastics are made with the help of crude oil and many types of … Read more

Properties of Plastic Materials » 15+ Common Properties are explained

Hi, Guys! Today we are going to learn the Properties of Plastic materials. You know what plastic is not a single material, it has thousands of types. And every type of plastic material has its own chemical structure, some different properties, and so on. But these plastic materials also have some common properties, of course, … Read more